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Toolex, Inc.

7570 Morley St.

Houston, TX 77061

Phone: (US) 713.644.8071

Fax: (US) 713.644.0619

Our company has been in existence since 1980 and presently has 120,000 square feet of working facilities dedicated to your trepanning needs.  We are committed to producing quality trepanning parts and have made a significant investment in training to insure customer satisfaction.

Trepan's machine shop has the latest in CNC lathes and mills supported by trained programmers using Pathtrace Systems EdgeCam Software.  Toolpaths are checked using CGTechs Vericut Verification Software before metal is cut and all work is stringently inspected for compliance with the customers specifications.  Material and certifications are carefully tracked and recorded through our shop for complete traceability.  We have installed a Manufacturing System that allows us to track our machining processes, inventory, production, planning, purchasing, inspection, shipping / receiving, lot and serial traceability for complete control and accountability of all shop processes.

      Trepan welcomes the chance to assist customers with:

          Complete tooling packages

          Cost reduction strategies

          New processes development

          Trouble shooting with drilling

          Repair and fabrication of trepanner parts

          Research and development

          Advice on  refurbishment of your existing trepanning    equipment

          Trepanning equipment when available.

In closing Trepan Tools, Inc. is committed to our customers satisfaction.  We have employees who pride themselves on doing the job right.  We invite you to call us at 979-830-8258 and we will be happy to talk to you about your trepanning needs.

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